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Vehicle crime is increasing, your clients assets are at risk!

Would your clients assume their vehicle is safest when parked at their home? Does your client believe that vehicle theft is most common in public areas like parking lots, work sites or street-side? An article by News Corp Australia found that 70% of vehicles are stolen from outside a residence[1]. The same article also quotes “We know that in cases of opportunistic car theft, the offender is likely to be in need of money for drugs…”. In the mobile equipment space, higher than average losses are being witnessed as a result of items being stolen from vehicles, or as a consequence of total vehicle theft.

Tools and equipment are some of the most targeted items in theft, “Unfortunately tools are easy to steal and can be sold for cash, often to other tradies”[2].  In the event of a theft, it’s not only the financial loss in having to replace the tools that should be considered, but also the fact it could impede on your clients’ ability to continue working if the equipment in question is vital to their trade.

The Victorian Police suggest the following strategies to reduce the risk of theft from motor vehicles[3]:

Remove All Valuables – If possible, take any valuable equipment with you, and try not to leave it unattended in vehicles. If the equipment cannot be taken with you, store them somewhere that is difficult to see from outside the vehicle such as in the boot.

Lock Up – Always lock your vehicle, and physically check to ensure it is locked. This also includes making sure any external tool boxes or trailers are adequately secured.

Secure Your Vehicle – If possible, park in a secure garage or parking space, or alternatively in a space off the street in a well-lit area.

If your client needs more information on how they can prevent tools and equipment from being stolen in vehicular crime, contact Protecsure today. For further reading on car theft statistics across Australia, you can refer to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council’s website and data dashboard here for information on the most stolen vehicles models, peaks times for car theft and the hotspot locations nationally.

Written by: Jackson McDonald

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