Complaints & Disputes


We take the concerns of our customers very seriously and have detailed complaint handling and internal dispute resolution procedures that you can access. Please note that if we have resolved your initial complaint to your satisfaction by the end of the 5th business day after we have received it, and you have not requested that we provide you a response in writing, the following complaint handling and internal dispute resolution process does not apply. This exemption to the complaints process does not apply to complaints regarding a declined claim, the value of a claim, or about financial hardship.

This policy complies with the General Insurance Code of Practice.


Financial Hardship

We will review any Financial Hardship application in accordance with Section 8 of the General Insurance Code of Practice and any applicable guidelines.


Stage 1 – Complaint Handling Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your relationship with Protecsure and wish to make a complaint, please contact us at:

The Complaints Officer

Protecsure Pty Ltd

PO Box 1239

Sydney NSW 1230

P +61 2 8251 666



The members of our complaint handling team are trained to handle complaints fairly and efficiently.

Please provide us with your claim or Policy number (if applicable) and as much information as you can about the reason for your complaint.

We will investigate your complaint and keep you informed of the progress of our investigation. We will respond to your complaint in writing within fifteen (15) business days provided we have all necessary information and have completed any investigation required. In cases where further information or investigation is required, we will work with you to agree reasonable alternative time frames. If we cannot agree, you may request that your complaint is taken to Stage 2 and referred to our internal dispute resolution team. We will otherwise keep you informed about the progress of our response at least every ten (10) business days, unless you agree otherwise.


Stage 2 – Referral to the Insurer

If your complaint is in regards a claim and cannot be resolved, to your satisfaction we will refer you to the insurer depending on the insurance product/s.

For Chubb Insurance Australia Limited issued insurance:

The Complaints Officer

Chubb Insurance Australia Limited

GPO Box 4065

Sydney NSW 2001

P 1800 815 675



For Berkley Insurance Australia issued insurance:

The Complaints Officer

Berkley Insurance Australia
PO Box Q296, QVB NSW

P +61 2 9275 8500




Stage 3 – External Dispute Resolution

If the insurer is unable to resolve your complaint or dispute to your satisfaction within forty-five (45) days, or you are dissatisfied with their determination, you may refer your complaint or dispute to AFCA, subject to its Rules.

AFCA is an independent external dispute resolution scheme approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Chubb and Berkley are members of this scheme and they agree to be bound by its determinations about a dispute. AFCA provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.

You may contact AFCA at any time at:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

PO Box 3

Melbourne VIC 3001

O 1800 931 678 (free call)

F +61 3 9613 6399



Time limits may apply to complain to AFCA and so you should act promptly or otherwise consult the AFCA website to find out if or when the time limit relevant to your circumstances expires.